How Much Does An MHA Make?

If you are thinking about going back to school to earn your master’s degree, you’re likely wondering “how much does an MHA make?”

How Much Does An MHA Make?

Benefits of a MHA Degree

With a Master of Health Care Administration you will qualify for management positions at the top of the healthcare industry, such as Practice Administrator, Chief Executive Officer, and Hospital Administrator. An MHA degree can lead you to a high earning career in an ever-growing field. There’s no doubt you can advance your career with a health administration degree and the MHA salary is desirable to many.

A few universities that offer MHA programs are Walden University, Kaplan University, University of Phoenix, Boston University, and Ohio University. These programs are tailored for the working professional and add to your work performance by teaching you key principles related to managing others in a health care setting. If you have completed undergraduate work at an accredited school, you are the perfect candidate to pursue a graduate degree. And with many universities offering MHA programs online, it is easy to make the change to better yourself and your career.

How Much Does an MHA Make? Details about MHA Salaries

Average earnings for professionals with a Masters in Health Care administration vary. For example, Practice and Hospital Administrators earn around $80,000 per year, while CEOs and COOs make well over $100,000 a year.  There are many benefits to attaining your MHA degree, not just in salary but also in the added experience that you can gain by attending a top school for a graduate level degree program.

Now that you’ve answered the question, “how much does an MHA make?” it’s time to answer the question, “what’s stopping me from getting my MHA degree?”